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“Should Private Businesses Have the Right to Turn Away Customers Based on Prejudiced Views?” Tinsley Speculates

"Should Private Businesses Have the Right to Turn Away Customers Based on Prejudiced Views?" Tinsley Speculates

We have dabbled on this topic before with Christian bakers and the LGBT community, but it goes much deeper than that. While it is true that the LGBT community receives some of the worst treatment from prejudiced business owners, the intolerant views also extend to different races, religions, and other similar things. For example, some private business owners will not allow African Americans into their establishments because of the stigma society has attached, while others will not allow Muslims for those very same reasons.

As a notary public in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Keefe is a member of a privately owned business. This prompts her to say that no, private businesses should not have the right to turn away customers based on intolerant or prejudiced views. Some might argue that because it is their privately owned business, they have the right to serve those they want to – and not serve those they do not want to. Maybe that is right to an extent. For example, do not serve someone that is threatening violence or acting like a bigot.

On the other hand, if you deny service to someone based on sexuality, race, religion, or other similar things, you might find yourself in trouble with more than just the community. People are exercising their right to sue a lot more in recent times; and with good reason. There is nothing more demeaning than being denied business for something you cannot help. While working as a notary public in Oklahoma, Tinsley Keefe has had the pleasure of helping clients of all races, sexes, religions, and everything in-between.

She has also had the displeasure of hearing horror stories her clients experienced prior to finding a more tolerant notary public. After hearing all about the terrible experiences, Tinsley has since made it her mission to not only welcome the human race as a whole, but spread tolerance to those that refuse to acknowledge it. The way she sees it: if you do not give up, eventually they will either have to accept it and gather more tolerant views or they will have a very difficult life as society changes without them.

If you are an owner of a privately owned business or company, you might want to consider all of your options – the pros and cons – before picking and choosing your customers. With the digital age we are entering, a reputation is easily built on social media . . . and easily destroyed.

If you deny services to someone based on something they have no control over – like race, religion, or LGBT status – chances are that word will travel fast; at the speed of digital light, to be exact. You might realize that it is better to serve all kinds of people. Furthermore, by keeping your intolerance a private affair, you are also making more money. If your business gains the status of acceptance and support in the community as a whole, life will be much more enjoyable and profitable.

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