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Women in Abusive Relationships – How They Manage to Get Out of it?

Abusive Relationship

Are you or your nearer people a victim of abusive relationships? Here, we will guide you to get rid of abusive relationships.

Now, we see many cases of abusive relations daily all over the world. It is not part of normal daily conversation. They feel so much hesitation to talk about the incident.

Abusive Relationship

The neighbors, colleagues, or other people who see the hurt easily accept it. The reason is they know that it happens commonly. The reason is, she has a fear of being judged weak and eligible for abuse.6

How They Can Differentiate Abuse and Love:

Zippered here you are representing the line between love and abuse. Mostly the victim remains silent because she has a fear of revenge. They think that she is just exaggerating the matter and overreacting. If the family knows the seriousness of the matter, then they can lose patience. The reason is when the family comes to know that the victim continues with her abuser.

When a victim is continually abusive, then she can control her behavior. People don’t understand how the victim changes. Their self-respect is slowly corroding until they don’t fight enough to leave. At the same time, there is no relaxed solution to the condition. If you understand the changing aspects of abusive relations, then it can help you to know what’s happening.

Why Women’s Stay in Abusive Relationships?

Do you know how many abusive cases occur daily? What are the reasons that force women to stay in abusive relationships? Many of you don’t know about it because they are not the victims.

Many researchers surveyed and collected information from women all over the world. Then they read, implied, and organized that information.

1. Fear:

The fear of physical and emotional harm is dangerous. Female victims are more terrified and controlled than male victims. The abuser frightened the woman by physical and emotional means. Sometimes, the abuser forces the woman to stay in touch; otherwise, he will kill her husband and loved ones. So, in this way, abusers force the woman to stay in an abusive relationship.

2. Wanting to be a Savior:

Many people think that they can change victims with their love and help. One thought is:

  • “I thought I could love the misuse from him”.

Others defined internal ethics ​​or promises to a partner, such as:

  • “I think I am a strong person who will never leave her and will show loyalty to her. I will fix it and teach her about love.”

Others take pity and prefer their partner’s needs.

  • “His father died; he became an alcoholic. I said as God didn’t want me to leave him. The reason is he wanted me to make him feel better.”

3. Children:

Mother always sacrifices for her children. She never wants anyone to destroy her children’s safety and kill them. For this, she is ready to be abused. Some women said that:

  • “I was frightened that if he wasn’t thrashing me, he would tire his kids. I respected their lives more than my own.”
  • “I remained for 20 years while I secured my children, although I was being abused.”
  • “I need my son to have a”

4. Family Expectations and Experiences:

When a woman is abused, she doesn’t want to tell this to her family. The reason is, the family has some expectations from her. She is threatened that if she says, then what will be the reaction of her family. Can they survive after knowing all these? These thoughts keep her from staying with the abuser.

Some thoughts revealed after the survey:

  • “I always see my father exhausted by my mother. Now I find somebody just like dad”.
  • “My mother tells me that if I break my marriage, then God will punish me”.

5. Financial Constraints:

Many pointed to the financial limitations often associated with childcare

  • “I had no family and money, two children, and feelings of fault because I had a brain injury from a car mishap”.

Others were not able to continue their jobs because of their abusers. The abusers used them financially.

6. Isolation:

Mostly, the abusers keep their victims in isolation. They use her both physically and emotionally. Some women experienced that:

  • “I was exactly confined in the backwaters of WV, and he had used my little son to keep me near.”
  • “You can keep me, or you can keep your family and friends”.

How Women Can Get out of an Abusive Relationship?

As we have discussed, the reasons why a woman remains in abusive relationships. Now, we will discuss how a woman can get rid of it.

The abusive relations are not good and have a dangerous impact on you and your loved ones. If you remain in the relationship because of any fear, then it is not a good thing. You should try to get rid of it. The following ways will help you to get out of abusive relationships.

Making the decision to leave an abusive relationship:

When you want to get out of an abusive relationship, then you should make a decision. But keep some things in mind before making any decision. If you have faith that you can help and change your partner, then you don’t need to leave him.

The truth is that if you don’t make the decision of leaving him and bear his torture. Then it will cause more problems for you and your kids in the future. You are not helping your partner; you have just ruined your life.

Safety planning for abused women:

After making the decision to leave your partner, you should take steps to protect yourself. The safety steps make a difference whether you want to be abused or escape out of it.

Check all the areas of the house. Use them when the abuser attacks you or a quarrel starts. Always avoid places with no exit doors and places with weapons. Always keep your phone with you and live in the room with outside doors and windows.

Protecting your privacy:

If your abuser is clever, then he has an eye on your activities. You can’t do anything privately. If you want to plan to escape, then he can know your planning. He can track you through your phone, mobile, computer, and internet. So, before planning to escape, take some important steps.

As domestic violence is increasing day by day, then a victim needs to escape. So, the need is to cover the tracks when you are using mobile, net, etc.

Domestic violence shelters:

When a woman is continuously abused, and then she loses her patience. She plans to escape from that place. But the question arises where she can go so that her abuser can’t reach her. For this, many domestic shelters are present. This keeps the victim’s presence secret.

Domestic shelters provide space, food, and other important things that you need. They can also keep the children of the victim. Some shelters have limited time to stay, but most shelters help the victim to get jobs and homes.

Protecting yourself after you’ve left:

When you leave the abuser, then you should also protect yourself. After leaving the abuser, protection is important, as before leaving. For this, you should change your place and switch off the kid’s school.

If you become a victim of abuse, you should carefully analyze how the limitations are applied in your area. Find out if the abuser has just been cited or if he is going to jail. If the police talk to the offender, your attacker may argue that the police are doing nothing. Or your abuser may get angry and take revenge.

Taking Steps to Heal and Move on:

It’s not easy coming out of the trauma of being abused. You have many harsh memories to remember. You bear many problems, dangerous memories, and hurtful emotions. Furthermore, you are unable to trust other people and relationships.

So, the need is to go to a therapist for regular mind therapy and counseling. You should move on and trust people because good people are also present. Forget all the previous memories and try to make new happy memories.

Final Verdict:

Finally, we have discussed all the aspects of abusive relations. We have told you the reasons why a woman remains in an abusive relationship. There are many factors to remain in relation to, but you can get out of it. The only need is to become stronger and make a decision. When you escape out, then don’t remain with bad memories. Try to move on by using different therapies and making other relations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the signs of abusive relationships that most women suffer?

Abusive relationship signs could be shown in the physical, verbal, emotional, or habitual act. Most women face abusive relationship signs through their verbal and physical behavior, which bring out peace in their life.

What could be the warning signs of an abusive relationship?

The relationship can be abusive or peaceful. Women either prefer to live a happy life with their partners or make a compromise in every step. Unconditional compromising could be the initial warning sign of an abusive relationship.

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